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Programs for Families

CAP Tulsa offers a variety of collaborative opportunities for families to engage in learning experiences that support each family's goals and well-being.

Family Engagement is building upon a family's capacity and desire to promote their child's whole development.

This looks like:

  • Warm & Welcoming Environments
  • Mutual Trust & Respect
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Experiences Linked to Learning

Family Engagement Programs

  • Family Support Specialists

    Family Support Specialists (FSS) provide free individualized support and can link CAP Tulsa families to advocacy, parenting, and other community resources.

    Family Support
  • English as a Second Language

    The ESL program will teach you how to have important conversations in English with your child’s teacher or doctor and for everyday life.

    ESL Classes
  • First Five Years

    You’re not alone when it comes to big parenting questions! First Five Years offers fun and interactive one-hour sessions to help families and caregivers tackle challenging parenting problems together.

    Parenting Workshops
  • Storytime Tuesdays

    Engaging in at-school and at-home learning activities including talking, reading, singing, and playing for at least 15 minutes every day supports what your child is learning at school and deepens their bond with you.

    Reading with your child
  • Kindergarten Transitions

    When it’s time to get ready for kindergarten, we are here to help! CAP Tulsa will provide resources to help your family have the best possible transition experience to kindergarten.

    Getting Ready for Kindergarten
  • CAP Connect

    CAP Connect is a program designed specifically for alumni children and their families of CAP Tulsa's early childhood program to support their transition into elementary school.

    Alumni Program

Helping Families Succeed

Family Engagement is a collaborative, strengths-based approach through which CAP Tulsa staff and enrolled families build positive relationships through intentional learning experiences that promote a child’s whole development and build upon a family’s capacity. Family Engagement is a shared responsibility of CAP Tulsa staff and families that fosters mutual respect for the roles and strengths each has to offer and is sustained by an ongoing partnership that supports each family’s well-being and goals.

I really enjoy that they don't just help my child but they have helped our whole family. It has been a very good experience.
Disney family