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Motor Development

As children grow, their motor skills develop to support large and small muscle movements such as running, jumping, drawing, and fastening buttons.

Children love to move, even as wobbly infants. Over time, they gain more control of their bodily movements through motor development. Gross motor development, controlling large muscle groups such as arms and legs, and fine motor development, controlling small muscles such as fingers, are important foundations for independence, self-care, play, writing, and overall academic success. Explore the resources below for ways you can support your child’s motor development.

  • Gross Motor Development

    Developing Gross Motor Skills in Early Childhood

    Explore this resource to support your child’s gross motor development with simple play activities and information

    Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Development

    Help Your Child Build Fine Motor Skills

    Find simple, age-appropriate ways to strengthen fine-motor skills with your child at home.

    Fun & Easy Fine Motor Skills
  • Story Time

    Motor Skills Read-Alouds

    Enjoy story time with your child while strengthening their motor development!

    Books for Growing Motor Skills