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Early math skills develop through everyday math talk and fun hands-on experiences.

Babies are born with number sense! This early ability serves as a key building block to later, more complex mathematical thinking and understanding. Research shows that providing math experiences such as counting, comparing, sorting, patterning, shape recognition, and spatial sense is linked to later mathematical and reading school success. Explore the resources below for ways you can support your child’s math development.

counting together

Count and compare objects at home together. When you are playing with your little one, count how many blocks or toys they have out and talk about which ones are bigger or smaller. When you’re outside together, count the different colors of flowers you see or find the biggest or smallest trees in the park!

Math is Everywhere

  • Activity Tip Sheet

    5 Ways to Build Math into Your Child's Day

    Explore this simple page to find five ways to start building math into your child’s day.

    NAEYC Resource
  • PBS webpage Math Resource

    PBS Kids for Parents Developing Math Skills

    Explore this page for information about various math skills and fun activities to do with your child.

    PBS Kids Math Resources
  • Story Time

    Math Read-Alouds

    Enjoy story time with your child while strengthening their math skills!

    Math Learning Videos