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Social & Emotional Development

Caring and connected adults support children’s social and emotional development.

Social and emotional learning is developed through relationships and safe and supportive environments. All children are born wired for interactions with loving, emotionally responsive adults. These interactions provide a foundation for ongoing, positive social and emotional development, including learning to identify feelings, regulate emotions, and how to adapt to different social settings. Explore the resources below for ways you can support your child’s social and emotional development.

temper tantrum

To help a child when they are having a meltdown or during a tantrum, parents need to understand what’s causing it. This is hard because it could be fear, anger, frustration, or something else. Try to think of a tantrum as a reaction to something upsetting. Your child isn’t responding in the way a grown-up would, by talking or asking for what they want. Instead, they cry or yell. If you give in to tantrums, kids will learn that having a tantrum will get them what they want.

Emotional Learning Resources

  • Storytime

    Social Emotional Read-Alouds

    Enjoy story time with your child while strengthening their social and emotional skills!

    Books for Social Emotional Learning
  • Resource Guide

    Social-Emotional Learning

    This list of resources provides access to many creative ways to grow your child's social and emotional development.

    Support your child's emotional development
  • Activity Time

    Welcome to Shubert's Home

    Explore the rooms in Shubert's home to discover tips, tools, tricks, and videos for practical, room-by-room examples to implement Conscious Discipline® at home. These valuable resources will help you build a foundation of safety, connection, and problem-solving in your family's home.

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