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Family Surveys

Feedback from families provides us with valuable information about how well we are meeting their needs.


We collect family feedback from two surveys. These surveys offer us opportunities to measure overall family satisfaction and engagement within our program.

Parent Gauge

Parent Gauge is a family engagement assessment tool designed specifically for Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The tool measures the parent experience and the impact of our programs. Most families agree or strongly agree that CAP Tulsa supported them to manage their child’s emotions this year. Learning to manage emotions is an important skill set to learn in early childhood!

Family Satisfaction Survey

Our family satisfaction survey seeks to understand a family’s likelihood of recommending our program to other friends and families, as well as how well we meet their needs, treat them with respect, and their connectedness to our program. Within each of these questions, we are able to compare our results to other similar organizations across the US.

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a globally recognized indicator of customer satisfaction. Results range from –100 to 100. In fall 2022, our NPS was 82 compared to 67 for other human services organizations.

In addition to our NPS, families shared their feedback on other key questions.

Commitment to Excellence

We also heard families’ thoughts on opportunities for improvement across the agency:

  • Families have a strong desire for more in-person family engagement opportunities, as well as ways for families to connect outside of school. Schools are planning more in-person engagement opportunities. In addition, the CAP Tulsa Family Engagement team is working with the schools to offer in-person and virtual family engagement activities like First Five Years, Books Over Break, and Storytime Tuesdays for the new school year to support your child’s whole development.
  • We are reviewing our processes to address requests for more clear and consistent communication as well as better communication between agency departments.
  • Ensuring our processes for collecting paperwork are cohesive and consistent across our schools and ensuring policies are consistently applied across schools.

Survey Comments & Feedback

The program has helped us so much and my child has learned so much. We have been so happy with how much our kids have learned.
Frost parent
The CAP school is amazing, and they've taught me a lot of things I wasn't taught about how to be my child's first teacher. My kids love being there!
Sand Springs parent
They have helped me tremendously! It has helped my son with his speech. He loves his teacher so much! He always wants to be at school and that makes me know he's comfortable.
Rosa Parks parent
We love the school, the program, and the teachers. They helped me with structure and goals for my children and saw improvement in weeks.
McClure parent