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Schools will reopen for SummerU programming beginning Monday, July 6 through Thursday, July 30. Legacy Plaza and the Support Service Center will remain closed at least through May 29. COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates can be found here. Resources during the closure can be found here. Families can update their contact information with us so that they can receive important phone call and text updates while we are closed here.

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Update Your Family's Contact Information

Let's make sure we stay in touch!

CAP Tulsa Family Contact Information
Let's make sure we stay in touch with you during the time our schools
are temporarily closed. If you have not been receiving phone calls or
text messages from us, please be sure to update your contact information
below. If your family has any immediate needs, you can let us know at
this time as well.

Actualice la información de contacto de su familia para CAP Tulsa
Asegurémonos de estar en contacto con usted durante el tiempo en que nuestras escuelas estén cerradas temporalmente. Si no ha recibido llamadas telefónicas o mensajes de texto de nuestra parte, asegúrese de actualizar su información de contacto a continuación. Si su familia tiene alguna necesidad inmediata, también puede informarnos en este momento.

CAP Tulsa Innkuan te kizop na tawh kisai theihhuai thu
Sangkikhak sung teng innkuan te tawh hoih tak kizopna neih ding thupi hi. Tua ahihman in Sanginn pan phone tawh ahihkeileh txt tawh ahi zong kizop na te na ngah kei leh, hehpihna tawh kizop theihna ding te anuai ah hoihtak na at sak un.Innkuan ki tangsap na khat peuhpeuh na neih leh zong hong theisak pah un.