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Hih website Zolai aa kilet laitak hi. Huhna na kisap leh Sangap Zum ah thu hong zasak un. Sang a kah sa innkuan te in a FSS te hopih thei hi. Hih hang in nopmawh sak na a piang khak leh ong thum ung.

Zum nasem te tawh kizopna

Zum nasem te tawh kizopna

Hehpihna tawh anuai a dotna te amandong in ong dawng sak un, zumnasem khat peuh in thu ong zasak kik ding uh hi.

Bang Cidanin Ong Huh Thei Ding Ka Hi Uh Hiam? 

If you selected "other" in one of the fields above, please describe here. Or if you have any additional information, questions, or comments, please let us know.

Akisam lai (document) te na guang nop leh (upload), hehpih na tawh a nuai a om option pen mek in.

Upload your current photo ID of the parent or legal guardian

Upload your current proof of address

Upload your current proof of income

Upload current proof of SNAP, SSI, or TANF

Upload current proof of OKDHS or Tribal Child Care Assistance

Upload documentation of custody (Sole or Shared), or Legal Guardianship, or Foster Placement

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    Zum phone nong sam uh ciang hehpihna tawh message hong nusia un. Nikhat sung phone hong sam kik ding hi ung.

    Zumpi ah phone ong set un