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Hih website Zolai aa kilet laitak hi. Huhna na kisap leh Sangap Zum ah thu hong zasak un. Sang a kah sa innkuan te in a FSS te hopih thei hi. Hih hang in nopmawh sak na a piang khak leh ong thum ung.

Zum nasem te tawh kizopna

Family Support

CAP Tulsa offers a variety of parenting education and resources for families enrolled in our early childhood education programs.

Active engagement with your child and their school and our learning programs is one of the biggest predictors of your child’s long-term school success. We encourage you to participate in events at your school – whether it be Family Connections, First Five Years, or Family Conferences – these are just a few great ways to meet other parents and learn new ways to support your child’s growth and development. Be sure to check with your school for individual events unique to your school throughout the year!

Family Engagement

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Helping Families Succeed

Family Engagement

We believe that building a strong relationship with families further supports your child’s whole development. There are many opportunities to connect with CAP Tulsa staff and resources to help you build a foundation for success.

  • Family Support Specialists

    CAP Tulsa's Family Support Specialists maintain a calendar of family involvement opportunities at each school, as well as coordinate a number of activities to help families develop the skills they need to raise healthy, happy children.

    Family Support
  • Career Coaching

    Whether you have long-term goals for your desired career track or need help finding a new job fast, a CAP Tulsa Career Coach can help get you on the right path to achieve your employment goals.

    Job Assistance
  • English as A Second Language

    The ESL program will teach you how to have important conversations in English with your child’s teacher or doctor and for everyday life.

    ESL Classes
  • First Five Years

    You’re not alone when it comes to big parenting questions! First Five Years offers fun and interactive one-hour sessions to help families tackle challenging parenting problems together.

    Family Parenting Workshops
  • Reading Programs

    Engaging in at-home learning activities including talking, reading, singing, and playing for at least 15 minutes every day supports what your child is learning at school and deepens their bond with you.

    Reading with your child
  • Family Connections

    These monthly meetings let you learn about what is going on at the school, interact with staff and community resources and get to know other parents.

    Monthly Family Meetings
  • Kindergarten Transitions

    When it’s time to get ready for kindergarten, we are here to help! CAP Tulsa will provide resources to help your family have the best possible transition experience to kindergarten.

    Getting Ready for Kindergarten
  • CAP Connect

    CAP Connect is a program designed specifically for alumni children and their families of CAP Tulsa early childhood program to support their transition into elementary school.

    CAP Tulsa Alumni Program