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Hih website Zolai aa kilet laitak hi. Huhna na kisap leh Sangap Zum ah thu hong zasak un. Sang a kah sa innkuan te in a FSS te hopih thei hi. Hih hang in nopmawh sak na a piang khak leh ong thum ung.

Zum nasem te tawh kizopna


Career Coaching

CAP Tulsa families that need assistance with finding available jobs, creating a resume, or enrolling in job training are encouraged to connect with a Career Coach. Through our FREE Career Coaching program, you can explore employment opportunities, receive one-on-one assistance with immediate job opportunities like preparing for an interview, and complete skills assessments and training for in-demand jobs with our community partners. Career Coaches can also provide assistance with transfers and translation of international degrees and provide guidance to families that may have concerns with background checks.

Whether you have long-term goals for your desired career track or need help finding a new job fast, a CAP Tulsa Career Coach can help get you on the right path to achieve your employment goals.

Career Coaching

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