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Hih website Zolai aa kilet laitak hi. Huhna na kisap leh Sangap Zum ah thu hong zasak un. Sang a kah sa innkuan te in a FSS te hopih thei hi. Hih hang in nopmawh sak na a piang khak leh ong thum ung.

Zum nasem te tawh kizopna

Aituam thukhun

This Privacy Policy governs our use of the nonpublic personal information that you provide to us. Aituam thukhun in mimal tawh kisai thute leh zumlai thupi nong piakte athuman in zat nading thukhun ahihi.

Purpose Ngimna

Na kisapnate tun leh mailam ah ahoihzaw in kong panpih theih na ding un, laidal thupi tuamtuam hong ngen kha thei ding hi ung. Nang mimal thu, pilna laitan, leh sum leh paai tawh kisai laithupite banghang kisam in bangmun ah kizangh cih na lunghimawh khakding hong telsiam ung. Ko tungah nong-ap mimal thu leh laithupite a kizatna mun na theih ding pen na mimal hamphatna(right) ahih lam thukim hi hang. Hih Aituam Thukhun in mimal tawh kisai laithupite a kizatzia leh kepcing zia te hong telgen dingin a kibawl thukhun ahihi.


Hih Aituam Thukhun in mipi ngah theihloh mimal khat tawh kisai thu leh laithupi nong apte tung bek ah thunei hi. Mundang phualdang khatpeuhpan ahihkeileh midang kiangpan akingah thei thute huam lo hi.

Types of Information

Ko kiang pan nangah huhna/hamphatnate tungtawn in ka kaihkhop ding uh mimalthu leh zumlai thupi te pen:

  • Sangki-apna, forms phihna leh kammal, lai, leh mimal in ih kihona pan akingah thute;
  • Ko leh ko tawh kizom company te kiangah vanzuak vanlei na pan akingah thei mimal thute;
  • Consumer-reporting agency te kiangpan a kingah thute;
  • Ko ii internet site na zat uh ciang Google Analytics tungtawn in akingah thute

Hih internet site pawlkhat ah "cookies"—kici internet site te in azangh mitethu atheih nading in a koih uh file neute, kizangh kha thei hi. Cookie file khat in azangh te thu ahi ID cihbangte ngah thei uh a, tua tungtawn in bang teng en in bangteng zong cih kanthei uh hi, ahih hangin cookie in angah theih nang mimal thupen nang lam pan na piak teng bek mah ahihi. Hih file te pen kokiangah nong paikik ciangin minkhumna te a awlzaw dingin bawlna ah kizang hi.

Hih internet site pawlkhat te leuleu in cookies pen azanghte traffic patterns theihna ding in zangh uh hi. CAP Tulsa in hih bang azatna hangpen ka Web site sungvuah aom thute azangh mite ading in bangzah kimang in muibun cih theihna ding leh azanghte kisap thute amuh baih nading uh huhna ahihi. Hehpihna tawh cookies in na hard drive tawh kizomlo in na thute ngah theilo hi cih pen na ciapteh sak in. Na Web browser nazat ciang cookie aom leh sang ding leh sangloh ding teeltheihna hong lak thei hi. Web site nazat ciang Cookies na sangnopkei leh, na browser in cookies a om simin hong theisak ding leh teeltheihna hong pia dingin bawl thei hi teh. Cookies khempeuh asanglo ding in zongh na browser ah khakcip thei hi teh, ahih hang cookies na sanlohna hangin web site pawlkhat in akicingin nasemlo khathei dinga thu pawlkhatte nangah nading pan hong dalthei hi.

Use of Information Thute Akizatna

CAP Tulsa in thu leh la na-apte tawh kisai ah gam leh state thukhun khempeuh leh tualakah akihel the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") kici sangnaupangte pilna laitan ciaptehna te kizatzia ah thunei te thukhun khempeuh zongh zui uh hi.

Nang kiangpan kongnget uh thute pen kokiangpan nazat kanasepna te uh, sepna tungtawn in thaman piakna leh, CAP Tulsa nasepna ah ahoih pen ding a encik(quality control efforts) leh kizoppih mite etcikna(customer analysis) te ah kizangh bek dinghi. Na thute pen na kisap huhnate ngetna ding ahih kei buangleh mundang/phualdang ah piakhia ngeilo ding hi ung.

Nang phalna nget masakna tawh ahuamkim zaw panpihna nangah theih nading in, nang mimalthute pen thukimna(contract) tawh nasem company te ahihkeileh CAP Tulsa tawh kizopna anei phualpite ah akisam bangin pia ding hi ung. Tua bang company te ahi sumlehpaai huhna piakna, metna omlo in mipanpihna apia phualpite, pilna lam tawh kisai kipawlnate, sanginnte, zatote, leh state agencies te ahi, Oklahoma State Department of Education ahihkeileh Oklahoma State Department of Health te in mihing khat ii mimalthu ahih nakleh kepcingsak ding cih thukimna thukhun(confidentiality)nei uh hi. Panpihna piakna, thaman tawh kisai sepnate, leh nasepzia tawh kisai akisaphun ciang nang phalna nget kullo in nathute kizoppih companyte tungah ka piakhun uh om thei ding hi. Tua thute ka piakna sungvuah ami kua cih amau in theilo ding uh aa namin napuam kigenlo ding ahih manin tua hunah nang phalna hong ngenlo ding hi ung.

Confidentiality and Security

Nang mimalthu khat peuhpeuh kumpi phalna aomlo kipawlna khatpeuh khutsung atunloh nadingin ahoihpen hanciamin kemcing ding hi ung. Atunga hong kigensa companyte leh kizoppih mimal khatpeuh in na mimalthute angah theihna uh zong ciangtan neisak hi ung. Kote in hih Aituam Thukhun tawh kizui-in ka nasemte uh leh taangmite in mimalthute akisapna munbek ah zangin akepcing theih nadingun hilhcianna pia in encik ding hi ung. Tulaitak in mimalthute a alaidal/avan leh electronic tawh ahizong in amuanhuai pen in gam leh state te kalsuanzia tawh kituak in kemcing hi ung. Hih gamsungah omkhuan aneilo nahi kha phial zongin, thukhatpeuh hang in immigration thuneite tawh kizopna, kithuzakna cihte neilo hi ung.

Notification of Rights under FERPA Nuai-ah Mimal Hamphatnate Theihsakna

FERPA in nulepa leh kum 18 pan atungsiah sangnaupangte' pilna laitan ciaptehnate ak ilawm leh akituak bangin akizat theih nading (rights) vaihawm hi.

Tua sungah:

  1. sangnaupangii' pilna laitan ciaptehnate sittel leh etkik theihna right. Nulepa in CAP Tulsa ah laigelh in asittel nop ciaptehnalaite min tawh sittel khuan ngen ding hi. CAP Tulsa in nulepa tungah asittel nop ciaptehnalai te sittel theih nading amun leh ahun tawh zasak kik ding hi.
  2. Nulepa in sangnaupang pilna laitan ciaptehna tungah akicianlo, amanlo, ahikeileh FERPA thukhun sungah aom sangnaupang' Aituam hamphatna tawh akituaklo amuh uh leh ciaptehnalai puahkik nading in deihngetna hamphatna. CAP Tulsa in ciaptehnalai puahkik kul asaklohte puahkik loh ding khensat theihna hamphatna nei tawntung uh hi. CAP Tulsa in deihngetna bangin puahkik lohding khensatna a neih uh leh, CAP Tulsa in akhensatna uh nulepa zasak dinga nulepa in advise them of their right to a hearing regarding their request for amendment.
  3. The right to consent to disclosures of personal information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. One exception that permits disclosure of personal information without consent is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by CAP Tulsa as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member including, health and medical staff; a person serving on the CAP Tulsa Board; a person or company with whom CAP Tulsa has contracted as its agent to provide a service instead of using its own employees or officials; or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility. Sangnaupang laitan ciaptehna sungah akihel nang mimalthute midang theihsak nading phalna piaktheihna hamphatna,

Former Customers Kizoppih ngei te

Ko ii Aituam Thukhun pen ko tawh na kizopna abei hun ciangin zong nang leh na mimalthute tungah atawntung in kimang paisuak ding hi.

Amendments Puahkikna

CAP Tulsa in hih Aituam Thukhun sunga thute kheltheihna hamphatna(right) neia, akipuahkik Aituam Thukhun akemnuamte tungah angetna uh tawh kizui in laidal tawh, U.S. mail tawh ahihkeileh CAP Tulsa website ahi ah kingah thei hi.

Right to Request Confidential Communication

You may ask CAP Tulsa to talk with you about your educational records in a certain way. For example, you can ask CAP Tulsa to only call you at home. CAP Tulsa will try to meet all reasonable requests.

Na pilna laitan caiptehnalaite tawh kisai atuam in na kikup nop leh CAP Tulsa hopih thei hi teh. Gentehna in ah, CAP Tulsa te tungah inn ka om bek ciangin hong hopih un ci-in ngen thei hi teh. CAP Tulsa

Right to Request a Paper Copy of this Notice

A paper copy of this notice may be requested by mail at or in person at CAP Tulsa, 5330 E. 31st St., Suite 300, Tulsa, OK 74135.

An electronic copy of this Privacy Policy may be found at

To invoke any of these rights, send a written request to:
CAP Tulsa
Legal Department
5330 E. 31st St., Suite 300
Tulsa, OK 74135.

For more information, contact your family support specialist, school leader or site support assistant at CAP Tulsa’s Early Childhood Education Program.