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Slow down on celebrations about child poverty declines

The U.S. child poverty rate dramatically improved over the past quarter century, declining 59% between 1993 and 2019, according to researchers at Child Trends.

The rate dropped from 1 in 4 children, where it had hovered for 30 years, to 1 in 10 children. At the macro level, this surely seems like cause for celebration. In reality, it means that 18 million children in America still remain poor.

Consider the story of just one family with young children served by CAP Tulsa. They were already struggling with the economic toll of a pandemic when they received news that dad J.J. would need major surgery. Mom Tamara suddenly became the sole income earner.

But, without familial support nearby to help, she had to quit work to care for J.J. throughout his recovery. Faced with no money coming in, Tamara did what she could to access community resources to provide for her husband and their two kids.

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