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Teachable Moments

Water Play!

July 10, 2018

Early math skills are important for your little one to be successful in school. One math concept that children need to learn at a young age is measuring! Playing with water and multiple sized containers helps your child understand and visualize measurement and assumptions. Prepare a small water area outside, in the pool or in the bath. 

Gather containers, cups and spoons to use in the water. Predict and play with your child and ask how many cups it will take to fill a container or how many spoonfuls it takes to fill the cup. Ask your child to show you when something is halfway full, empty and full.  Talk about these different measurements with your infant when you play in the water and let them fill containers and pour water out while you talk.
This helps with their fine motor strength and coordination as well as language development when you talk about what you’re doing together! Remember, never leave a child unattended around water, not even for a second!

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