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Teachable Moments

Splash into Water Play

June 26, 2018

Water play is more than splashing – it fosters learning for all ages and developmental levels by demonstrating math and science concepts. Fill a container with water outside or do this activity during bath time in the tub! Collect different objects, large and small such as a rubber duck, sponges, blocks, oranges and empty and full bottles and containers. Describe to your child what it looks like when something sinks to the bottom of the tub and what it looks like when something floats and why that happens. 

 Hold up each object and ask them to predict if the object will sink or float prior to being dropped into the water. This activity helps your child develop their critical thinking skills and understand how to make comparisons. Ask them why something floated and why some things sink. 

 Remember, never leave a child unattended in the tub or near water, not even for a second!

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