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The Admissions Office is serving clients remotely until further notice. Please click here to schedule an appointment. La oficina de admisiones está atendiendo clientes de manera remota hasta nuevo aviso. Por favor haga clic aquí para programar una cita. COVID-19 natna a khang semsem na hang in, Sangap Zum mi honpi aa ding kikhak aa, ki thu zasak kik masiah online pan hi suak phot ding hi. Appointment lak na ding hehpihna tawh hih ah mek in.

For Our Families

Family Engagement

Active engagement with your child and their school and our learning programs is one of the biggest predictors of your child’s long-term school success.

What is Family Engagement?

Active engagement with your child and their school and our learning programs is one of the biggest predictors of your child’s long-term school success. We encourage you to participate in events at your school – whether it be Family Connections, First Five Years, or Family Conferences – these are just a few great ways to meet other parents and learn new ways to support your child’s growth and development. Be sure to check with your school for individual events unique to your school throughout the year!

How Can I get involved?

Family Connections
These monthly meetings let you learn about what is going on at the school, interact with staff and community resources and get to know other parents. Guest speakers and FSS cover many topics required by our program or topics that have been determined by parent feedback and interest. Dates and times will be posted at your school.

First Five Years
Our program for parents that focuses on ways to build a strong foundation for your child. These interactive sessions occur each school year and focus on topics such as preventing problems, encouraging positive behavior, and preparing your child for school success. See the schedule here.

Family Conferences and Home Visits
Families in our program are encouraged to take part in two Home Visits and two-Family Conferences during the school year with their child’s teacher.

Meet our Family Engagement Team


Adriana Nichols, Family Engagement Specialist.
Adriana has been with CAP Tulsa for 9 years where she takes advantage of growth opportunities and is committed to helping families succeed. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her husband and two young boys.


J. Renee Williams, Senior Training Specialist.
J. Renee is a passionate trainer in leadership and soft skills and has been with CAP Tulsa 6 year. She loves to motivate and encourage others by singing uplifting songs and giving inspirational talks to bring hope and joy. She and her husband have a family by design with one adult daughter and 3 grandsons.

Kim and Jason are best friends, husband and wife, parents of three kids, entrepreneurs, authors, retro t-shirt wearers, and partners in crime on a crusade to annihilate “Adultitis” in themselves and the world! Kim is a former kindergarten teacher and a lover of all things whimsical. Jason is an artist, author and speaker. He enjoys Star Wars, soft t-shirts, and brand-new tubes of paint.

Kim and Jason are the creators of Escape Adulthood, a company on a
mission to help people eradicate “Adultitis” by offering real-world strategies, practical ideas, and permission to create a life filled with adventure, meaning and joy.

Kim and Jason

This year, we want all our families to Shine and to understand their strengths as parents and caregivers! Please enjoy our Pre-Service 2021 keynote speakers, Kim and Jason Kotecki as they share how you can shine this year.