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Online Learning for Families

CAP Tulsa Guidance and FAQ for Learning Experiences at Home

CAP Tulsa is committed to supporting children's learning by providing families with instructional resources and learning materials while our schools are closed.

CAP Tulsa Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does my child need internet or access to a device to participate in Learning Experiences at home?Not necessarily.
We encourage you to do what works best for you and your child during this time. While many virtual resources have been provided, there are also simple non-virtual options you can do at home to support your child’s development during this time. Please see the list of virtual and non-virtual learning options on our Online Learning for Families page.
How do we set up a routine to make Learning Experiences and our increased time at home successful?Setting a clear and simple routine with
your child and following it consistently each day is the key to success during this period of learning at home. Please see the resources on how to set up a routine found in the “Getting your Child Ready to Learn at Home” section of the Online Learning for Families page.
How long should my child spend on these Learning Experiences each day?For young children, limited time should be spent on focused learning experiences. We recommend 15-30 minutes each day spent using either the links found in the Online Learning for Families page or completing a non-virtual parent/child experience.
Do we need to visit every site listed and complete every activity?No.
Choose what looks fun to you and your child each day and spend 15-30 minutes engaging in it. If an activity isn’t working out well for you or your child, give yourself permission to move on to the next idea.
How do we track what we have been working on during Learning Experiences? Do we need to turn anything in?No.
CAP Tulsa will not be tracking completion of Learning Experiences. You do not need to report back completion of any learning experiences to your child’s school or teacher.
If Learning Experiences only take 15-30 minutes daily, what should my child do the rest of the day?Your child should spend much of the rest of the day engaging in other fun and interesting experiences, such as outdoor play, imaginative play, or reading books with a family member. Young children learn best through play and play should be seen as their “work”. Please see the list of virtual and non-virtual learning options on our Online Learning for Families page.
Should I quiz or test my child over what they have learned?No.
Enjoy the learning experiences and time with your child rather than stressing about whether they are retaining information. Children learn through joyful experiences so all Learning Experiences should be grounded in play.
Who do I contact if I have further questions about Learning Experiences or other support needs during this time?Please reach out to your Family Support Specialist by calling 918-437-9495 for any additional support during this time.

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