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Early Childhood Education


Our home-visiting program, called Learning@Home, provides in home learning with a highly-qualified Parent Educator.

Our Highly qualified Parent Educators are available to conduct visits in English, Spanish, and Zomi.

During visits, Parent Educators promote parent-child interaction; provide child development information; and offer families access to parenting skills and resources. Families also receive:

  • Information and support to understand your baby’s brain and physical development
  • Tips and tools to keep children safe and to help manage stress
  • Early reading, writing, and math skills supported through play-based learning activities
  • Health, vision, hearing, and developmental screenings with ongoing reviews of your child’s progress
  • Personalized lessons and individual development plans

Learning@Home is available to expectant moms or families with children ages 0-5 years old.

Are you pregnant?

Did you know that your health is the most important thing for your developing baby? Your Parent Educator can help you to build confidence and strengthen your knowledge of your growing child and their development along with your well-being.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    More about our Learning@Home, our home-visiting program

  • What does a Learning@Home visit look like?

    • During each visit, there will be an activity for parents to do with their child. Parent Educators will bring child development information and discuss local resources for your family.
    • Visits may be one-hour, twice a month, or 90-minute weekly visits depending on the program.
    • We ask families for a commitment to participate regularly in home visits and contact their Parent Educator when they are not able to attend.

  • Are there opportunities for families to meet other parents?

    Once a month, families participate in Group Connections where parents can meet other parents and their children can interact with other children.

    We encourage parents to attend at least one Group Connection each month. When you attend, you have access to giveaways that include educational toys, materials, books for your child, and much more.

    Group connections are currently conducted virtually and will be in-person soon.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply for Learning@Home, begin the online application by completing the QuickApp and provide the required documents.

    If your family is already receiving services from CAP Tulsa, call the Admissions Office to enroll your baby, even if you are currently pregnant! For more information, call CAP Tulsa at 918-382-3247.

To apply for Learning@Home, begin the online application by completing the QuickApp and provide the required documents