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Research & Innovation

Our Innovation Toolbox

CAP Tulsa is committed to innovation and data-driven decision making. While all CAP Tulsa employees and departments are committed to these core values, CAP Tulsa’s Research and Innovation team is a key driver of this work. Research and Innovation staff work to systematically and objectively identify, define and describe problems and determine likely causes. This, in turn, leads to designing and testing new and promising ideas, practices and tools and measuring whether they deliver the predefined impact. CAP Tulsa works to create and value all levels of innovation from ground-breaking to incremental. Below, please find descriptions of the tools CAP Tulsa frequently uses to promote discipline within our continuous improvement work.

  • Improvement Science

    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

    The Carnegie Foundation advocates for applying principles of improvement science in education, and provides resources for educators and school leaders for rapidly testing, revising, and continuously improving tools, processes and practices that aim to improve schools. They offer excellent resources for learning about and implementing improvement science principles at

  • Human Centered Design is a leader in social innovation using human-centered design principles. They create products, services and experiences aimed at improving the lives of people and communities living in poverty by placing people at the center of the design process. also provides resources for others interested at incorporating these principles of empathy and creativity into their own work at

  • Professional Learning Communities

    CAP Tulsa believes that teacher-led professional learning communities (PLCs) can be a key driver to improvement and innovation in schools.  Collaboration is a key facet of PLCs, where teachers collectively analyze student data, ask inquiry questions, and examine best practices.  Teachers determine next steps to improve student outcomes, focusing on the needs of every student.  CAP Tulsa believes utilizing PLCs within our schools builds teacher instructional skill capacity and leadership, which improves the efficacy of our schools and addresses student needs.

  • The Center for Public Research and Leadership

    Columbia University

    The Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) at Columbia University offers education professionals customized training to support continuous improvement. CAP Tulsa is participating in these trainings as part of its partnership with the Birth Through Eight Strategy for Tulsa (BEST) to support continuous improvement. Through CPRL’s program, participants learn about strategies for operationalizing theories of action and change, effectively solving problems, and using data to effectively and rapidly improve practices and institutions. For more information, please visit: