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Our Impact

COVID-19 Response

CAP Tulsa initiatives in response to the COVID-19 crisis

CAP Tulsa’s whole family approach to serving young children in partnership with their parents and caregivers creates strong relationships with families across Tulsa. These connections allow the agency to quickly respond to families’ changing needs and circumstances. Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, CAP Tulsa has strived to remain in weekly contact with all enrolled families via phone, text, and/or email in order to provide information about resources available through the agency and community partners.

Hundreds of families have expressed urgent needs that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, and in response, CAP Tulsa has been providing mailed gift cards and other forms of financial assistance. Families’ top needs have been groceries, cleaning supplies, diapers, and infant formula, along with growing requests for direct payments to landlords and utility companies to prevent eviction and service disconnection. On average, participating families have received nearly $400 in emergency supports, but can receive up to $1,500 during a school year for documented, eligible emergency needs.

Family Support Services

Between March and November 2020 CAP Tulsa's Family Support Services (FSS) team attempted 49,915 calls to families. 26,492 contacts were made (53%).

referrals were given (26%) in the following categories:

  • Parenting = 2,392
  • Food = 1,434
  • Emotional Health= 546
  • Financial= 1,124
  • Employment=125
  • Housing= 86

Behavioral Support Services

Between March and November 2020, our Behavioral Support Services (BHS) team attempted a total of 12,025 calls to families for either consultation or therapy; 6,370 contacts were made (53%).


  • Total number of therapy contacts: 1,449
  • Number of pre-existing clients before March 18th: 29
  • From March – November there have been 93 total therapy clients, with 27 currently open


  • Total number of consultation contacts: 4,920
  • Total number of clients on consultation: 358

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Download a report of our initiatives in response to the COVID-19 crisis