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Admission Documentation FAQ

  • How can I get a copy of my child’s current immunization (shot) record?

    Your doctor or clinic can provide a copy of your child’s current shot record.

  • How can I get my child’s birth certificate?

    If your child was born in Oklahoma, you can get a copy of your child’s birth certificate at the Tulsa Health Department. If your child was born in another state, contact that state’s Department of Vital Records for a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

  • How can I provide proof of receipt of SSI, TANF or OKDHS Child Care Assistance?

    Bring a copy of your award letter. If you cannot find this letter, contact the Oklahoma Department of Human Services or the Social Security Administration to ask for verification assistance. If you need assistance finding your local office, call 2-1-1.

  • How can I get a well-child checkup (physical exam) for my child?

    Ask your child’s doctor for a copy of the well-child checkup so that you can include it with your child’s application.

    You can get a free or reduced-fee well-child exam by contacting the following agencies:

    Tulsa Health Department
    Morton Comprehensive Health Services
    OSU Health Care Center

  • How can I provide documentation of my child’s health insurance?

    Bring a copy of your child’s Medicaid, SoonerCare, private insurance card or other proof of insurance.

  • Important information about IEP/IFSPs

    If your child is disabled or requires special assistance, you must provide a copy of the IEP/IFSP. IEP/IFSP is an individualized plan written by the public school or SoonerStart that assists your child with achieving goals and objectives listed on the IEP/IFSP. If there is no IEP/IFSP, you must provide a copy of the medical record with the diagnosis along with any formal evaluation(s) completed by the primary care physician or the medical provider.

  • Custody paperwork

    If there are custody arrangements regarding your child, you must provide a copy of the legal custody papers.

  • What happens at the application event (or at the admissions office)?

    Parents or guardians complete and submit applications with the required documents. CAP Tulsa staff answer questions, complete application interviews and collect all documents required for a complete application.

  • I am not comfortable using a computer. Can someone help me complete the online application?

    If you need additional assistance with using a computer to apply, we are here to help. Please notify the associate when you are at the admissions office or application event.

  • How long does it take to enroll my child?

    Immediate enrollment is not available for CAP Tulsa Early Childhood Programs. Your family information is entered into a computer, which assigns your child to the Early Childhood Programs wait list. When an opening becomes available, the computer will select the next child to enroll from the wait list. The computer does not select based on the date an application was received. If your family is selected, you will be contacted at the numbers provided on your application.

  • If I change my phone number or address who do I call?

    Please call 918-382-3247 to update your contact information.

  • I work during the times applications are accepted. Can my friend/relative drop off the application and the documents?

    Applications dropped off by someone other than a parent or guardian can only be accepted if the following requirements are met:

    • The full application (online or paper) must be complete with all questions answered.
    • All application forms, including the income worksheet, must be signed by the parent or guardian.
    • Signed documents can be emailed to or faxed to 918-894-6022.
    • You must bring a readable copy of an acceptable photo ID for the parent or guardian completing the application.