CAP Tulsa’s early childhood education programs can help you strengthen your relationship with your child while preparing her for kindergarten. Our Teachable Moments provide tips and information to help you connect with your child and make sure they are developmentally on track.


Reading and talking to your little one teaches them new things about the world! Literacy skills and language can also influence an early understanding of math concepts.

For babies, read a few minutes at a time, and know that it’s okay not to finish the storybook every time. Engage your baby while reading and let them turn pages, talk about the pictures and point to letters and words as you read them aloud.  You can even sing the story to them!

When reading a book to your toddler you can count the patterns and different colors in the pictures. Talk about the different words and how many letters there are in a specific word.  Look for all of the different shapes and colors you can find in the photos of the book together. See if you can find things around you that are the same color or shape that match the pictures and words in the story.

By making reading fun and interactive, you are helping your little one associate reading as an enjoyable activity. This will encourage them to seek out opportunities to read and be interested in books as they grow. Be sure to visit your local library often and choose new books to take home.

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