Alumni Impact Project

The Alumni Impact Project was the Innovation Lab’s first multi-year, dual-generational survey project. Designed as an informal longitudinal study, the project combined family surveys with school performance data to develop a deeper understanding of the strengths, needs and interests of families in the early education centers.

During the Spring and Summer of 2010, over 240 families with children in the three-year-old program at five of CAP Tulsa’s early childhood education centers – Disney, Frost, McClure, Reed and Skelly – signed up to participate in yearly surveys until third grade.

Survey questions were chosen based on their alignment with the agency’s Results Map which outlines the major outcomes that research has shown are critical for children, families and communities to reach their full potential. The survey covered finances, work, banking, housing, credit, health insurance, Internet usage, and transportation. The survey also included an opportunity for families to provide feedback on CAP’s programs. A smaller group of participating families completed a longer survey the first 3 years that also covered child health, parent health, parenting, school involvement, childcare, neighborhood perceptions, and connections with the community. All participating families completed the longer survey in Years Four and Five. When possible, questions from other reliable longitudinal studies were used.

Information gathered from the project has been used by CAP Tulsa staff for decision making and program improvement. The data is available to assist in designing new pilot projects, documenting program impact, generating funding and community support, and providing a platform for client centered advocacy of the organization, both internally and externally.

Summaries for all five years of the project are available here as well as the full report for Year Five, the final year of surveys.

Year 1 Results Summary

Year 2 Results Summary

Year 3 Results Summary

Year 4 Results Summary

Year 5 Results Summary

Year 5 Full Report