Parents as Partners

CAP Tulsa is committed to helping families succeed.  When families enroll in our services, we promise to work with them to achieve three specific outcomes:

  • That their child will enter school prepared for success;
  • That their family will be able to create a nurturing and secure environment for their children, and;
  • That they will be connected to other families.

Led by Innovation Lab, the Parents as Partners project brings together diverse staff members from across CAP Tulsa and our partner agency Family & Children’s Services to ensure we are partnering with parents in the best way possible to achieve these goals.  We believe that if parents are engaged and active as parents, then their children will best be able to take advantage of the early education programs we offer and ultimately will have better developmental outcomes as they grow up.

By “prepared for success in school” we mean:

  • Children’s cognitive and general knowledge skills develop on time.
  • Children’s language and literacy develop on time.
  • Children reach physical development milestones on time.
  • Children develop positive approaches to learning.
  • Children reach social-emotional development milestones on time.

By “nurturing and secure environment” we mean:

  • Families are financially secure.
  • Families have a stable and affordable home.
  • Families are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Families develop warm and nurturing relationships with their children.
  • Families have the knowledge and confidence to raise healthy and successful children.
  • Families are engaged in their children’s education.

By “connected to other families” we mean:

  • Families have networks to turn to for support.

As a result of the Parents as Partners project, CAP Tulsa will launch for the 2014-2015 school year a new tool called the Family Success Plan, which allows each family to have a specific and guided conversation with their family support specialist about strengths and weaknesses in these areas.  The family then creates a Family Partnership Agreement, which is their roadmap for achieving specific goals during their time with CAP.  The project team has reviewed marketing materials and recruiting messages as well as application and intake processes to maximize opportunities to reinforce the message that CAP Tulsa seeks to work with children and parents together to achieve success.