CAP Tulsa’s early childhood education programs can help you strengthen your relationship with your child while preparing her for kindergarten. Our Teachable Moments provide tips and information to help you connect with your child and make sure they are developmentally on track.


Good oral health is important for your little one’s growth and development! Be sure to begin practicing teeth cleaning habits early to prevent tooth decay, reduce the likelihood of toothaches and to improve your child’s overall health!

Brushing is the main way to keep teeth clean and prevent tooth decay. Be sure to brush at least twice a day after breakfast and before bed. Help guide your little one while they brush so they learn the proper way. Show them how to use gentle small circle motions on all surfaces of the teeth, including the inside and outside. Use a timer or fun song to play to help remind your little one of this daily routine.

Infants need special care for their teeth as well. Be sure to clean your baby’s teeth and gums regularly with a damp washcloth or a toothbrush with soft bristles and small head made for babies.

Have your little one visit the dentist as often as recommended and partake in check-ups often.

Promoting good oral health will teach your child good hygiene practices, self-esteem, and will result in healthy growth and development!

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