Summer U is our eight-week summer program that’s designed to function like a summer camp, so children and staff have FUN and explore new things while learning during the summer months.   During Summer U we are privileged to have support from volunteers and local community organizations that treat our CAP Tulsa children to unique learning experiences.

We just wrapped up our 2016 Summer U program which focused on “Going Green”.  Our kids learned about the environment, farming, nature and science through indoor and outdoor activities. Every two weeks, our classrooms focused on these different subjects: I am a Gardener, I am a Hero, I am an Athlete, and I am a Scientist.  We tapped into some of our best community partners to bring these themes to life; Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, City of Tulsa Water Department, SoyBean Council,  Southwest Dairy Farmers and University of Tulsa Men’s Basketball just to name a few.   Thank you to all of our volunteers who made Summer U 2016 so special for all our CAP Tulsa students and families.


Volunteer your time to Summer U!

Are you a grown up and wish you could hang out at Summer U 2017?  You can! 

We need you to help our kids celebrate summer! Volunteer and help our teachers with Summer U activities or let us know if you’ve got creative skills and inspiring activities to our classrooms. For more information please contact Pam Smith at 918-382-3225 or email psmith@captulsa.org.

Donate to Summer U!

Want to make sure we have cool activities for our CAP Tulsa students next summer?  Make a donation to Summer U!  Your donation helps us supply our classrooms with fun learning tools and experiences.