Family Advancement

family advancement

Your home is the main place where your children live, learn and grow. We help families in our early childhood education program create a secure and nurturing environment with our parenting, education and economic success programs.

Our programs help our families plan their way step by step into a life with greater freedom from money worries. As you set a goal, accomplish it, then plan the next step, you will reach even higher levels on your way to a dependable future.

CAP can help you increase your education, income and stability with a wide variety of services:

  • Find out about tax credits available to you
  • Get your taxes filed for free
  • Learn which public benefits you qualify for
  • Find where you can get free money for better training and higher learning

As you gain financial knowledge and confidence, you will become even more engaged in your childā€™s education and future success. And you will pass this knowledge on to your children so their lives will continue to prosper.