CAP Tulsa’s high-quality early childhood education services are available in the comfort of your home for FREE to eligible families. CAP Tulsa’s Learning@Home program is available to parents who are expecting or have children up to 3-years-old. Our Learning@Home program focuses on developing your child’s brain through play, music, reading and other activities.

Families receive regular visits at home and/or at a previously agreed upon location from a parent educator. Parent educators discuss positive parenting skills with families and help establish routines for activities, sleep, and toilet training. We also offer a network of community resources for parents, including group connections to participate in social gatherings with other children.

Benefits of Home-Based Early Childhood Education include:

  • Year- round learning for infants and toddlers during critical years before pre-school
  • Parent ownership of teaching in the home environment
  • Hands-on fun activities to help your child with alphabet recognition, early reading, writing, and math skills
  • Social skills and long-term life skills such as self-control, how to get along with others, and how to follow directions
  • Creative thinking development
  • Certified parent educator to guide your child’s personalized lesson and development plan
  • Personal visits
  • Parent connections with other parents
  • Group socialization experiences for children
  • Health, vision and hearing screenings and ongoing assessments of child’s developmental progress
  • Preferred placement in our school-based program at age three


Call 918-382-3247 for details on qualifying and information on applying. Enrollment is year round.

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