community revitalization

CAP Tulsa’s Neighborhood Revitalization seeks to strengthen and stabilize the communities our clients live in by aligning strategies, families and community partners around the key results of great schools and safe, stable neighborhoods in which children can live, play and thrive.

CAP brings together local and national partners to implement place-based strategies intended to combat educational inequities, poor health and intergenerational poverty. The goal is to address the needs of the “whole” child through partnerships among families and schools in order to create a web of support that nurtures the development of children. By sharing expertise and resources, schools and communities work together to educate the whole child academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

This partnership, known as Growing Together, has a long-term commitment to each child to continue the strength of their education with solid schools and communities through college and on to a successful career. The Growing Together partnership works with residents and families in the Kendall-Whittier and Eugene Field neighborhoods to assess the comprehensive needs of the community, gaps between needs and programs, and opportunities to expand and strengthen programming for older children and youth.

Numerous federal, state, and private investments in Tulsa have created ideal conditions under which to implement Promise Neighborhoods and Choice Neighborhoods, which serves as the base for NRI.

The following services are provided to residents in target neighborhoods:

  • Assisting in the formation of active, sustainable resident mobilization opportunities
  • Training residents in successful leadership and community organizing strategies
  • Educational opportunities (i.e. GED, parenting, computer literacy and after school tutoring)
  • Monthly resident council meetings
  • Periodic youth council meetings
  • Community education opportunities
  • Community-building events such as block parties, holiday parties, community picnics
  • Benefit Screening (helping residents negotiate systems of public assistance and employment readiness)
  • Referrals to other community service agencies

Our Neighborhood Revitalization activities also include general community outreach in support of programs and services offered by CAP.