CAP Tulsa’s early childhood education programs can help you strengthen your relationship with your child while preparing her for kindergarten. Our Teachable Moments provide tips and information to help you connect with your child and make sure they are developmentally on track.


Art is everywhere – especially within your home! You can encourage your toddler or preschooler to use their imagination and get creative with art projects at home by using items from around the house as craft supplies.

Find recycled bottles, cartons, paper towel rolls and other items such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, dry pasta or beans and let your little one create their own masterpiece.  Be sure to provide them with crayons or markers and tape or glue to construct their artwork.

Talk to them about what they will make, praise their efforts along the way and only step in when needed. By letting your child take control with little instruction, they can experience trial and error and develop their cognitive skills.

Let them use their hands to help them strengthen their muscles as they open or squeeze glue bottles or handle tiny objects. This is essential for fine motor development.

Not only will this activity inspire creativity, but it will also create memories for you and your little one by spending time together!

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