CAP Tulsa’s early childhood education programs can help you strengthen your relationship with your child while preparing her for kindergarten. Our Teachable Moments provide tips and information to help you connect with your child and make sure they are developmentally on track.


Did you know language and literacy skills begin in the first three years? It’s important to engage in activities with your child every day to help these skills develop!

Tell stories to your little one each day. You can make-up your own stories and use toys and puppets to act out what’s happening.  Be dramatic and include different voices for different characters as you talk.  You can even tell them stories about a time or special moment in your own life. Encourage them to add sounds or make motions to go along with what you’re telling. By letting them engage in the story, they can exercise their imagination.

Telling stories without a picture book is also an important interaction to have with your little one that helps them to listen, imagine, and create a special bond with you.

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